Mobilize Your Enterprise Applications with ActiveVOS Screenflow (formerly known as App Extend)

Huge growth of mobile enterprise applications continues to shift employees work activities to smartphones and tablets. Proactive CIO's and their managers have made mobilizing them a strategic initiative, but are faced with difficult challenges to deliver them. Existing applications were not designed to deal with the unique requirements of mobile devices. This creates a dilemma. Should they re-write them? Do they have the staff and skills? Should they hire outside consultants?

Citizen Developers Take Control

ActiveVOS Screenflow is designed to address these challenges. It is a powerful new platform that enables citizen developers, who are applications owners or business experts, to create process wizards for an optimal mobile experience. These wizards guide users through tasks and automate business processes to ensure they are completed correctly every time based on how and where they work; using a smart phone, tablet, or desktop's browser. ActiveVOS Screenflow is a new way to mobile enable enterprise applications by giving citizen developers control of the user experience to improve their own productivity.

ActiveVOS Screenflow gives application owners and IT teams what they always wanted, which is the ability design and deploy business process themselves to improve their productivity. IT enables and controls the integration with the enterprise applications that are required to run the business. Examples of wizards customers created for sales or customer service include: sales meeting follow-up, meeting planning, customer service case management, and troubleshooting and diagnostics.

ActiveVOS Screenflow Components


ActiveVOS Screenflow's powerful Screenflow features provide end users with the ability to implement wizards to radically streamline and improve interactions with mission critical enterprise applications.

Citizen developers are free to develop and deploy thousands of custom mobile wizards to update enterprise applications, such as CRM and ERP, for activities including scheduling follow up actions, issuing trouble tickets, and more, in one fell swoop.

ActiveVOS Screenflow makes it possible for application owners and IT teams to leverage the creativity, efforts and scale of citizen developers, without relying on heavyweight, custom and expensive solutions.


ActiveVOS Screenflow seamlessly integrates with existing applications, such as CRM and ERP, including Salesforce by leveraging standards-based technologies.

Built on ActiveVOS, IT teams use ActiveVOS Screenflow's tooling to integrate and expose the data and APIs of mission critical back office applications as reusable and consumable services. These new services are then easily consumed by citizen developers, without further assistance from IT.

Citizen developers benefit from ActiveVOS's proven enterprise capabilities in terms of scaling, management, security and the ability to run ActiveVOS Screenflow on the JEE application servers and operating systems that are currently in place.

Enterprise Integration SDK

The Host Provider SDK and associated Service Programming Interface (SPI) provide a simple descriptor mechanism that IT can use to expose mission critical application data and operations to the ActiveVOS Designer.