ActiveVOS Features

IT teams use ActiveVOS tooling to expose mission critical back office API's and data as consumable services. These new services are then used by citizen developers, in the Screenflow designer without requiring further IT assistance.

Citizen developers benefit from ActiveVOS's proven enterprise integration capabilities in terms of scaling, management, security, and the ability to run ActiveVOS Screenflow on standards based JEE application servers.

ActiveVOS Designer

A rich productivity tool that incorporates BPMN 2.0 and WS-HumanTask open standards. A set of advanced wizards makes it easy to create business process models and orchestrations quickly.

ActiveVOS Server

The runtime environment easily scales to meet the needs of enterprises of any size. It can be rapidly incorporated into any J2EE production environment and meets rigorous availability, scalability and performance requirements.

ActiveVOS Central

A browser-based application where end-users can manage tasks, requests, and reports. The tasks are part of a running business process that requires human interaction. Requests are forms that can be submitted to the server to start a new instance of a deployed business process.

ActiveVOS Console

Allows you to manage and configure the ActiveVOS process engine and all of the resources that are deployed into it. It's web-based console provides a convenient and secure way to deploy, select, inspect and correct processes, servers, services and tasks.