Screenflow Features

In just a few minutes and with a couple of clicks, end users can create a mobile wizard to guide them through any enterprise application task. For instance, a sales person can create a mobile wizard to walk through a meeting follow-up process, or customer service managers can track cases to assure they are processed consistently and efficiently.

No More Waiting

Users can now perform their daily tasks, such as updating information or scheduling next steps while on the go, on their favorite mobile device.

Take Enterprise Application Customizations on the Road

Wizards built to streamline and simplify sales and customer support tasks can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

No Coding or IT Support Needed

Sales and field support teams can create mobile-optimized interfaces for qualifying leads or identifying cross-selling opportunities.

Key Features

Mobile Device Support

ActiveVOS Screenflow promotes collaborative mobility with support for iPad®, iPhone® and Android™. Leverages voice-to-text and touch screen input. You can conveniently launch wizards from calendar entries, vCard contacts, or received emails.

Intuitive Visual Designer

ActiveVOS Screenflow provides tools that are intuitive and very easy to use. Your custom guides are created or modified with a web-based user interface that requires no technical or formal training.


Sharing your sales guides is extremely easy. Once you've defined your sales guides, it only takes a single click of the publish button to share them with your entire sales team.

Enterprise Integration

IT can build "Automated Steps" to provide seamless integration with any Enterprise system.

Scalable and Secure

ActiveVOS Screenflow is based on ActiveVOS, Informatica's reliable, scalable, secure and fault tolerant process automation platform.