App Extend webinars provide a live introduction to our product. Find out today how App Extend can meet your unique needs in a cost effective way.


43 mins
App Extend enables citizen developers/business users to mobilize their enterprise applications. Active Endpoints CTO Michael Rowley provides an overview of App Extend and shows how it works in a live demo. See how App Extend provides a more productive way to write mobile applications for any device without the high costs and long lead times associated with native app development.

40 mins
In this deep dive into App Extend, Active Endpoints CTO Michael Rowley presents a new way to build mobile access to enterprise apps. App Extend allows business experts to implement task-based wizards that ensure business processes are completed correctly every time, with optimized experiences for mobile devices and without the need for IT developers. Presented live at Integration Developer News’ BPM-CON, Michael demos App Extend and takes questions from the audience. (Video source: BPM-CON, Integration Developer News)