We will have worked with you during the App Extend Pilot Consulting engagement to identify how best to leverage your application's APIs and data. This engagement, coupled with App Extend Fundamentals Training, will have enabled you to carry out your first integration - largely on your own.

The more you learn about App Extend, the more you want to expose your current applications in new ways to mobile devices and desktop browsers. Our on-site and remote consulting services can help you continue on your journey.

If you need additional help, we can continue to assist you through remote or on-site consulting. Active Endpoints' consultants can help you with training, design, mentoring and implementation services you need to be successful. Our primary deliverables include custom architecture and design, mentoring and implementation services to help you achieve your goals.

To learn more about any of the above and to discuss your specific needs, please contact by email or call 1-800-634-9043 or +1 781 547 2900.